Tanya Reu-Narvaez: Perspectives from Women in Title


Alexis Cunningham


March 14, 2023

Tanya Reu-Narvaez photo

In honor of Women’s History Month, we’re highlighting the trailblazers leading the way within our organization. As the Executive Vice President and Chief People Officer at Anywhere Real Estate, Tanya Reu-Narvaez is bringing her passion, knowledge, and expertise to Anywhere’s leadership team and we’re thrilled to share her insights and experiences with you.

What are you most passionate about in your work? 

What has kept me motivated at Anywhere for 20 years is our phenomenal people who love what they do, enabling a culture where anyone can thrive. Also, being in an industry that matters – we enable communities to thrive, facilitate the experience of “home,” provide shelter, enable enhanced lifestyles, build wealth, support entrepreneurs and so much more. I’m passionate about having an impact on our people and in our business. I will share that the pandemic really allowed me to develop even deeper and more meaningful relationships with so many employees across the company and changed my approach to my role. 

How do you approach developing new female leaders within your company? 

Empowerment, coaching and exposure. I push them to get comfortable with the uncomfortable, be tenacious but with heart.

What’s the best lesson you’ve learned as a female leader? 

To say what no one else will. We all have a voice and must use it without feeling overshadowed.

How can women support other women in their organization? 

We rise by lifting others – simply put. All too often we see competitiveness in women where we should be supporting one another more. That’s the only way we make the progress needed. We must enable each other to be successful, have each other’s back, be honest with feedback and not be threatened. 

What is the best leadership advice you’ve received? 

Make the role your own and don’t change you – be yourself. We will only thrive if we are our authentic selves. 

What advice do you have for someone who is just starting their career? 

Challenge the norm, be creative, be curious, differentiate yourself, own your career and don’t rely on a traditional path. Collaborate, connect and learn from others.

At Anywhere, our Diversity vision is to empower everyone, anywhere to own their future and have a place to call home. Through our robust diversity, equity and inclusion strategy, we harness the power of real estate to enable rewarding careers for corporate professionals and entrepreneurs, and support communities to build wealth as home buyers and sellers. For information on what Anywhere is doing to make a difference, please take a look at our 2022 Corporate Social Responsibility Report.


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